Useful Information

Can the size of my packages affect the cost?

The size of the packages can influence the cost regardless of which method of transportation is being used.

If you are sending your goods by air freight then in most cases you will be charged according to the weight of your packages. However, in some circumstances, the airline will charge you according to the size/volume of your packages rather than the weight. For a more detailed explanation of the volumetric calculation, please click here.

Can I send my luggage on a door to door service?

We offer a door to door service by air freight to several countries. We also offer a door to door (kerbside) service to some European countries.

Visit the country page for your destination to see if a door to door service is available for your shipment.

Why do most people choose air freight?

It is the quickest service we can offer and in many cases it is actually cheaper than sea freight. Air freight is also generally regarded as a safer mode of transport.