Amazon Prime Day Kenya 2024 Deals: Your Guide to Shopping and Shipping to Kenya with Arab Africa Cargo

Amazon Prime Day Kenya is a big deal and there are so many amazing offers on so many products. For shoppers in Kenya, this is a great chance to get some awesome deals on Amazon. But international shipping can be a nightmare. That’s where Arab Africa Cargo comes in, we make shopping on Amazon Prime…

Amazon prime Kenya 2024

Amazon Prime Day Kenya is a big deal and there are so many amazing offers on so many products. For shoppers in Kenya, this is a great chance to get some awesome deals on Amazon. But international shipping can be a nightmare. That’s where Arab Africa Cargo comes in, we make shopping on Amazon Prime Day a walk in the park. In this post we will show you how to get the best of Amazon Prime Day 2024 deals and how Arab Africa Cargo can help you save big and get your purchases delivered to Kenya.

The Fun of Amazon Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day 2024 is going to be bigger and better. Thousands of deals across many categories, something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for the latest tech gadgets, fashionable clothing, household essentials or unique gifts, Amazon Prime Day has it all. The thrill of finding a great deal is unbeatable and online shopping makes it even more fun.

Sarah’s Story:

Sarah, a digital marketer based in Nairobi, looks forward to Amazon Prime Day every year. Last year she managed to get a top of the line laptop at 40% off, a deal she still talks about to her friends. This year she’s looking to upgrade her kitchen appliances and is already checking out early deals. Like Sarah you can get ahead of the game by preparing for Prime Day and knowing what you want to buy.

Preparing for Amazon Prime Day 2024

1. Be an Amazon Prime Member

To get Amazon Prime Day deals you need to be an Amazon Prime member. If you’re not a member yet, now is the time to sign up. Amazon often offers free trials or discounted rates for new members, so take advantage of those.

David’s Tip:

David, an IT consultant in Mombasa, signed up for an Amazon Prime trial just before last year’s Prime Day. He enjoyed free shipping on eligible items and Prime Video which kept him entertained while waiting for his packages to arrive. The best part? He got a high quality noise-canceling headphone set for half the price!

2. Make a Wishlist

Before Prime Day comes, make a wishlist of the items you want to buy. This will help you stay focused and avoid impulse buying. It will also allow you to track the prices of these items before Prime Day so you can spot the real deals when they go live.

Aisha’s Tip:

Aisha, a university student in Kisumu, made a detailed wishlist last year. She listed textbooks, a smartwatch and some skincare products. By tracking the prices weeks before Prime Day she was able to quickly identify the best deals and completed her purchases within minutes of the sales going live.

3. Set Deal Alerts

Amazon allows you to set deal alerts for specific products. This way you don’t miss out on deals for the items you’ve been looking at. Simply go to the product page and click “Watch this deal” to get notifications.

John’s Tip:

John, a fitness enthusiast in Nakuru, uses deal alerts to stay informed about sports equipment deals. Last year he got a notification about a 50% off deal on a high end treadmill he’d been looking at for months. He clicked buy instantly and now runs in the morning without leaving the house.

4. Download the Amazon App

The Amazon app is a great tool for Prime Day shopping. It allows you to browse deals, track orders and get notifications on your mobile device. With the app you can stay updated on the go and never miss a deal.

Grace’s Tip:

Grace, a busy mom of two in Eldoret, uses the Amazon app to shop during Prime Day. Between managing her kids’ schedules and her home-based business she finds the app’s push notifications super helpful. Last year she bought a new tablet for her daughter and a coffee maker for herself while waiting in the school pickup line.

Amazon Prime Day 2024 Deals

1. Tech and Electronics

Amazon Prime Day is known for its tech and electronics deals. From laptops and smartphones to smart home devices and gaming consoles, the discounts are huge.

Lucy’s Find:

Lucy, a freelance graphic designer in Nairobi, was excited when she found a powerful graphic design laptop at 35% off. The money she saved she invested in more design software and now is more productive and creative.

2. Fashion and Beauty

Fashionistas and beauty lovers will find deals on clothing, accessories, skincare and makeup products.

Fiona’s Fashion Haul:

Fiona, a fashion blogger in Mombasa, got a designer handbag and a pair of trendy boots at half price. She also found a premium skincare brand with a “buy one get one free” deal that she couldn’t resist. Fiona’s Prime Day haul gave her content for her blog and Instagram for weeks!

3. Home and Kitchen

Home and kitchen appliances are also on sale during Prime Day. It’s a great time to upgrade your kitchen gadgets, furniture or home decor.

Paul’s Kitchen Upgrade:

Paul, a chef in Nakuru, used Prime Day to upgrade his kitchen. He bought a high performance blender, a set of chef’s knives and an air fryer all at crazy prices. His new equipment has changed his cooking, meal prep is quicker and more fun.

4. Books and Media

Bookworms will find deals on books, e-books and audiobooks. Media enthusiasts will also get discounts on movies, music and more.

Emma’s Book Bonanza:

Emma, a book lover in Kisumu, looks forward to Prime Day to stock up on her favorite authors. Last year she bought a dozen books at 70% off, including some rare editions she’d been looking for years. Her Kindle also got a workout with the discounted e-books she bought.

Shipping your Amazon Prime Day purchases to Kenya

Now that you’re ready to shop Amazon Prime Day deals, the next step is to get your purchases shipped to Kenya. That’s where Arab Africa Cargo comes in to make your shopping experience hassle free.

Arab Africa Cargo: Your Shipping Partner

Arab Africa Cargo offers an all-inclusive service that makes shipping your Amazon purchases to Kenya easy. Here’s how we help you save big and get your items delivered safely:

1. Use our UK, USA or Germany Address

When checking out on Amazon, use our UK, USA or Germany address as your shipping destination. We will receive your packages at our warehouse and forward them to Kenya. This service is for items that don’t ship to Kenya.






Street Add: 17401 Nichols LN Unit J
City: Huntington Beach
State: California (CA)
Zip Code: 92647

shipping from German and Europe with Arab Africa Cargo


T: +49 1765 986 5340

2. Consolidation Services

We consolidate multiple purchases into one shipment, reducing shipping costs and customs clearance. This is for when you’re buying from multiple sellers.

Michael’s Experience:

Michael, a tech entrepreneur in Nairobi used this service last year. He bought a range of electronics from Amazon.com including a new laptop, a smartwatch and several accessories. Arab Africa Cargo consolidated his purchases into one shipment, reducing his shipping costs and everything arrived together.

3. Customs Clearance

Customs can be a pain, but we handle all customs documentation and clearance procedures so you don’t have to and your items arrive on time.

Kevin’s Testimonial:

Kevin, an importer in Eldoret had issues with customs in the past. But with Arab Africa Cargo, he found the process seamless and hassle free. His Prime Day purchases, including a new set of business tools were cleared quickly and delivered to his doorstep without any problems.

4. Door-to-Door Delivery

Our door-to-door delivery service ensures your Amazon purchases are delivered to your doorstep whether you’re in Nairobi, Mombasa, Nakuru or anywhere else in Kenya.

5. Tracking and Insurance

We offer shipment tracking and insurance so you can relax and know your items are safe.

Alice’s Relief:

Alice, a teacher in Nairobi loved the tracking feature. She could see where her shipment was and knew exactly when to expect her Prime Day purchases which included educational materials and home essentials. The insurance gave her extra peace of mind that her items were covered.

Amazon Prime Day 2024 with Arab Africa Cargo

When you use Arab Africa Cargo, you can enjoy Amazon Prime Day without the hassle of international shipping. Here’s how:

1. Plan Ahead

Make your wishlist, set up deal alerts and know our warehouse addresses in UK, USA or Germany.

2. Shop Smart

Shop the deals on Amazon Prime Day but remember to stick to your wishlist to avoid impulse buys.

3. Use Arab Africa Cargo’s Services

At checkout use our addresses and we will handle the shipping, consolidation, customs clearance and delivery. Sit back and wait for your package to arrive.

4. Enjoy Your Savings

With Arab Africa Cargo you save not only on shipping costs but also on time and hassle of international shipping. Enjoy your Prime Day deals and have them delivered to your doorstep.

Final Thoughts:

Amazon Prime Day 2024 is a great opportunity for Kenyan shoppers to get good deals on many products. With Arab Africa Cargo you can navigate the complexities of international shipping and have a smooth shopping experience. Happy shopping and may your Prime Day be deal-filled and hassle-free!

For more information on our services and to get started, visit Arab Africa Cargo today!

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