Ship From Amazon To Kenya: Ultimate Guide!

Are you struggling to ship from Amazon to Kenya affordably? With this guide, you can shop and ship from the UK, USA, or Europe to Kenya custom-free, in 7 working days! With Arab Africa Cargo, say goodbye to all your shipping troubles. Amazon to Kenya: In This Article Picture this: You’re deep into an Amazon…

Ship From Amazon To Kenya

Are you struggling to ship from Amazon to Kenya affordably? With this guide, you can shop and ship from the UK, USA, or Europe to Kenya custom-free, in 7 working days! With Arab Africa Cargo, say goodbye to all your shipping troubles.

Picture this: You’re deep into an Amazon shopping spree, eyes gleaming with anticipation as you hover over that “Add to Cart” button. But wait, the crushing realization hits – the item won’t ship to Kenya! Do not close that tab yet!

Stay calm! You will need a freight forwarding company to act as your virtual shipping address, receiving your Amazon purchases and then forwarding them to you in Kenya.

Arab Africa Cargo has been in the game for over 10 years, and with our expert guide- yes, this is especially for you, a beginner in the world of Amazon- your package is just a click away.

We offer you 2 services or options: You Buy We Ship or We Buy And Ship from Amazon to Kenya.

Let’s get to shopping and shipping from Amazon to Kenya!

Step 1. Creating /Signing in to an Amazon Account

When deciding how to create or sign in to an Amazon account, consider your location, language preference, and the product you’re looking for.

Yes, the Amazon US site is the most popular one, and has the largest product selection, but why limit your selection of offers and delivery times?

We have 3 customizable addresses to allow you a vast Amazon shop and ship experience.

We do not want to limit your options. Use for the United Kingdom, and for Germany and the EU. But first, log in!

  • Open on your browser.

  • Fill in your details as prompted.

  • You receive an OTP to your email to enter to verify your account.

  • If you have an existing account, simply log in!

Create Account Amazon

Step 2. Browsing For Your Item To Buy and ship to Kenya

So, you’ve found your way to the treasure trove of all things awesome – Amazon!

Your presence here tells us you’re ready to embark on a shopping adventure, and boy, are you in for a treat! Here’s how to shop for the best items.

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Amazon offers Best Sellers, Amazon’s Choice, and Top-rated items.

Best Sellers show popular products by sales,

Amazon’s Choice recommends quality items,

Top-rated items are praised for quality and reliability.

These options are on top of the item and are quite an accurate guide!

  • Locate the search bar at the top of the Amazon homepage.

  • Type in keywords related to the item you are looking for.

  • For easier browsing, just copy your product description on the search bar.

  • Click the search button.

Why Can’t Amazon Ship MY ITEM To Kenya?

The Forbidden Wishlist!

So you’re on Amazon, scrolling through a sea of desires, only to find that some items are like elusive mirages, forever out of reach!

Cue the dramatic music as you encounter the heart-wrenching reality of shipping restrictions. Are your dream purchases slipping through your fingers?

Amazon Cannot Deliver To Kenya

With our customizable US, UK and Germany shipping addresses, you can shop for your item with no geographical limitations. In just up to 7 days, your package will reach your doorstep in Kenya!

Ready to check out and ship from Amazon to Kenya? Let’s go!

Step 3. Checking Out – Entering A Shipping Address

Transforming Your Location with a UK, US, or German Address!

Imagine having the power to shop from Amazon UK, USA or Europe like a local while in Kenya! Let us guide you through the process of using a UK, US, or German address, bringing a touch of global finesse to your purchases. Shipping from Amazon To Kenya has never been easier.

Using a US address allows you to shop from Amazon USA and ship your items from the USA to Kenya efficiently.

shopping on amazon Kenya





Street Add: 17401 Nichols LN Unit J
City: Huntington Beach
State: California (CA)
Zip Code: 92647

shipping from German and Europe with Arab Africa Cargo


T: +49 1765 986 5340

How do I change my Amazon shipping address?

Simply follow these steps to change your shipping address:

  • On the top right of Amazon’s webpage click “Accounts and Lists

  • This opens a list of options titled ” Your Account

  • Click on “Your Addresses

  • You will see the options to :
    Edit   |   Remove   |   Set as Default

  • Enter our company address.

  • Click “Save”






Amazon Germany shipping address

Step 4. You Buy, We Ship, We Deliver your package

Now, here’s where the magic happens. Benefit from lightning-fast, custom-free shipping in just 7 working days with Arab Africa Cargo. Yes, you read that right! We’ve cracked the code to make your deliveries swift, seamless, and hassle-free.

Use our UK, USA or Germany address during check out and we will receive your package and forward it to Kenya. Simply buy your item and we will ship it for you.

Step 5: We Buy And Ship

No bank card? No problem! With Arab Africa Cargo, shopping on Amazon is a breeze.

Let’s dive into a scenario where our customer, let’s call them Alex, is eager to shop on Amazon but doesn’t have a bank card handy. No worries, Alex! We’ve got you covered with these simple steps:

Step 1: Dream Big, Shop Bigger! : Alex browses through Amazon’s endless array of products, from tech gadgets to trendy fashion finds, and compiles their dream wishlist.

Creating an Amazon wish list is simple.

  • Click on “Add to List”: Once you’ve found a product you want to add, locate the “Add to List” button. It’s usually located near the “Add to Cart” button on the product page. If you have one item, simply email us the product link.

  • Choose or Create a Wish List: If you already have a wish list, you can select it from the drop-down menu that appears when you click “Add to List.” If you don’t have a wish list yet, you can create a new one by selecting “Create a List” and following the prompts.

  • Repeat for Additional Items: Continue browsing Amazon and adding items to your wish list by clicking “Add to List” on each product page.

  • Share Your Wish List: You will want to share your wish list with us, and you can do so by selecting “Share” from your wish list page. You can share your wish list via email, or by copying the link and sharing it manually.

Back to Alex.

Step 2: Team Up with Us!: Alex reaches out to our friendly team and shares their wishlist. With excitement, we jump into action to make their shopping dreams a reality.

Step 3: Secure Payment, No Card Needed!: Since Alex doesn’t have a bank card, we offer an alternative payment option and purchase on his behalf. Alex selects this option, and we will now handle the payment securely on their behalf.

Step 4: Confirm and Proceed!: We invoice Alex for the price of his Amazon products. He pays via Bank Transfer or M-Pesa. With the payment processed, we double-check all the order details to ensure accuracy before proceeding.

Step 5: Ready, Set, Ship!: With payment sorted, Alex eagerly awaits their Amazon goodies as we take care of all the shipping logistics.


  1. Your full names.

  2. How many items do you require?

  3. Your product link(s) or wishlist.

  4. Your phone, so we can reach you easily.

With our expertise in international shipping and customs clearance, you can trust us to handle your deliveries with care. Say goodbye to shipping worries and hello to convenience with Arab Africa Cargo.

Ship with us today and experience a new level of efficiency and reliability for all your Amazon orders to Kenya!


How can I track my Amazon order to Kenya?

Once your order is shipped, Amazon will provide you with a tracking number. You can use this tracking number to monitor the status of your package through the Amazon website or app.

Are there any customs fees or taxes when shipping From Amazon to Kenya?

Shipping from Amazon to Kenya is custom-free with Arab Africa Cargo! Our freight cost is all-inclusive.

Does Amazon ship Directly to Kenya?

Amazon does ship to Kenya, but NOT ALL ITEMS are eligible for international shipping. By entering our USA, UK or Germany shipping address during the checkout process, you can easily ship any item restricted from shipping to Kenya.

How long does it take for Amazon orders to reach Kenya?

Standard shipping usually takes around 2-4 weeks, however, you will incur customs clearance fees at the airport. Using a freight forwarder like Arab Africa Cargo takes up to 7 business days and no customs hassles.

Is Amazon Prime available in Kenya?

No, as of the latest information, Amazon Prime is not directly available in Kenya. Prime services are available upon subscription by using a US, UK or German address on, or Enjoy free one-day or two-day shipping on eligible items by using Arab Africa Cargo Shipping addresses.

Will Amazon ship to Kenya?

While Amazon doesn’t directly ship every item to Kenya, many products can be shipped through their AmazonGlobal program. However, some restrictions apply depending on the seller, product type, and local import regulations.

Alternatively, you can use freight forwarding services like Arab Africa Cargo to shop on Amazon and ship your purchases to Kenya. These services handle the shipping and customs process for you.

Does Amazon accept Mpesa?

No, Amazon does not directly accept Mpesa as a payment method. You can use a credit or debit card, or explore other payment options like gift cards or prepaid cards or even Arab Africa Cargo can shop your behalf. just drop us an email with your request to [email protected]

Does Amazon have a branch in Kenya?

No, Amazon does not currently have a physical branch or warehouse in Kenya. However, you can still shop on Amazon to Kenya with Arab Africa Cargo weekly air cargo from amazon to kenya.

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