Shipping To Kenya From Germany

Unlocking Benefits: Shipping to Kenya From Germany Shipping from Germany’s industrial core to Kenya’s dynamic landscapes isn’t solely about logistics, it’s about forging lasting business connections. Are you a business purchasing from a supplier in Germany or an individual sending packages from Germany to Kenya? Well, you need a shipping partner who; Your shipping solution…

Shipping To Kenya From Germany

Unlocking Benefits: Shipping to Kenya From Germany

Shipping from Germany’s industrial core to Kenya’s dynamic landscapes isn’t solely about logistics, it’s about forging lasting business connections. Are you a business purchasing from a supplier in Germany or an individual sending packages from Germany to Kenya? Well, you need a shipping partner who;

  • Has the expertise to intertwine these two worlds effortlessly,
  • Combines the precision of logistics with the allure of fast delivery,
  • Embraces cutting-edge transport modalities, delivering your package right to your doorstep!

Your shipping solution is Arab Africa Cargo!

We have made it simple to ship to Kenya weekly from Germany right to your home or business. As a business, take advantage of technological advancements in Germany to ship high-value technological and industrial products, spanning from machinery and electrical equipment to telecommunications, and vehicle parts. We can also help you ship high-quality consumer goods like household appliances.

In this specialized guide, we’ll explore shipping to Kenya from Germany revealing crucial strategies for success. As seasoned shipping professionals, we recognize the importance of fully grasping the shipping process for international endeavours. With our 3-point procedure, the process of shipping to Kenya from Germany has never been simpler!

What you can ship with us from Germany to Kenya?

While the list of items you can ship is endless, Arab Africa Cargo is an expert in these main categories of services: shipping to Kenya from Germany for students, personal cargo, Excess Baggage, Online Shopping and even Commercial Cargo.

Man in Blue and Black Jacket Standing Beside Brown Cardboard Box
Online Shopping

With our Shop and Ship Service, we can purchase items from Germany and deliver them straight to your doorstep in Kenya!

excess baggage to middle east

Send your personal belongings from Germany to Kenya, securely with our service – right to your doorstep!

Pack Expertly! : Tips To Secure Your package From Germany To Kenya

When shipping packages from Germany to Kenya, securing your items properly is crucial to ensure they arrive safely. You

Ship with a sturdy box
Wrap Items Individually

Individually encase each item using either bubble wrap or packing paper. For fragile or delicate items, provide additional layers to guarantee comprehensive safeguarding from potential impacts.

Packing with craft paper

Use crumpled paper or packaging peanuts to occupy any voids within the box. This prevents items from shifting during transportation, thus minimizing the chance of damage.

Seal Box Securely

Thoroughly seal all box edges using durable packaging tape to prevent any potential damage from openings. Always label ‘FRAGILE’ for boxes containing delicate items

Tips for Cost-Effective Shipping: Save Your Money!

Shipping costs can easily add up, but there are smart strategies to save money while sending packages. From choosing the right packaging and shipping services to consolidating shipments, here are some tips to make shipping more cost-effective.

Commercial cargo from Germany to Kenya


  • Consolidate Shipments: Combine items to reduce individual shipping costs.
  • Optimize Packaging: Efficient packaging minimizes weight and dimensions, lowering shipping fees.
  • Use a Freight Forwarder: Utilize a freight forwarder for bulk shipments, potentially reducing overall costs. Arab Africa Cargo is your best choice for cost-effective and timely shipments.
  • Consider Sea Freight: For larger shipments, sea freight may offer a more cost-effective alternative compared to air shipping. Explore our monthly sea shipping services and start saving today!


Our All Inclusive Shipping Service


Weekly Air Freight From Germany To Kenya

We offer the best rates for our Airport-to-airport freight service from Germany to Kenya. Air Cargo from Germany to Kenya is from as little as €8.50 per kg and €35 handling charge. This service is the preferred choice among businesses looking to optimize their shipping expenses, as our weekly dispatches of cargo from Germany ensure you have your commercial cargo in just up to 8 business days!

Monthly Sea Shipping To Kenya From Germany

Looking to ship a bulky item from Germany to Kenya? We understand that you need options that do not break the bank. Our monthly sea freight shipping is particularly advantageous for businesses and individuals shipping large consignments to Kenya.

Photography of Ship

Less than Container Load (LCL) options

Are you shipping a bulky package(s) that don’t fit an entire container?

Worry less, for we provide a cost-effective solution for transporting smaller quantities of goods that don’t fill an entire shipping container. With LCL, multiple smaller shipments from different senders are consolidated into a single container, allowing each sender to pay only for the space their goods occupy rather than for a full container.

Deciding Between Sea and Air Freight: Setting Sail or Taking Flight?


  • Sea Shipping: Generally lower costs due to bulk shipping capabilities.
  • Air Shipping: Higher costs per unit due to faster delivery but limited load capacity.

Value of Item:

  • Sea Shipping: Ideal for less time-sensitive or bulkier items with lower value per unit.
  • Air Shipping: Suited for high-value, time-sensitive, or smaller shipments.

Time/Shipping Durations:

  • Sea Shipping: Longer transit times, typically several weeks due to slower transportation by sea.
  • Air Shipping: Significantly faster transit times, usually a few days, but at a higher cost.
  • Sea freight often calculates charges based on the actual weight (in kilograms), advantageous for heavier, less dense cargo due to ample space.

Now you are well equipped to send your package to Kenya from Germany in these 3 easy steps!



Send your package to our Germany depot:

  • Have your commercial Cargo, Personal goods or Left Luggage sent to our Germany Depot at this address.




Your goods are processed at our Germany Depot:

  • Your package is received and processed for onward shipping to Kenya. Our weekly air shipment to Kenya takes up to 7 days from Germany. We provide 24/7 support and real-time tracking to give you peace of mind and ensure the timely delivery of your shipment.


Your goods are ready for collection:

  • Once your goods arrive at our local Nairobi and Mombasa depot, we can deliver them right to your doorstep. Take advantage of our door-to-door service and enjoy convenience at its best!


Shopping from popular online stores in Germany like, Zalando, MediaMarkt, Otto, and eBay Germany? Consider a scenario where:

You are in Germany and want to buy a specialized medical-grade electronic device from a German online store that’s restricted for international shipping due to strict export regulations and licensing requirements.

Determined to acquire this device, you contact the online store’s customer service to inquire about potential alternatives or whether they can make an exception for your order.

You are advised to seek authorized distributors or retailers in your country or region that might have the necessary permissions to sell and ship such specialized medical equipment.

Quite an inconvenience, isn’t it?

That’s where we come in. Arab Africa Cargo can provide a free custom German address to use to ship to our local warehouse and forward your package to Kenya!




Online shopping from Germany to Kenya


Shop from or any Online German or EU-based store and use our UK address as your Delivery Address.



Not able to complete the purchase because you don’t have a bank card? Just forward us the links to the products you want to [email protected] and we will send a quote.

Arab Africa Cargo - Shipping to Africa & the Middle East


Your online purchases reach our local delivery location in Germany and are then forwarded to Kenya. In less than 7 days, your package will reach our Nairobi or Mombasa collection centres.

parcel from Germany to Kenya


Once your goods are ready for collection our Nairobi or Mombasa team will contact you to advise.

Your invoice is sent to you via email. All Payment methods are available on your shipping invoice. 

You can take advantage of our door-to-door service and get your package right to your doorstep.


What items are prohibited from shipping to Kenya?

Prohibited items when shipping to Kenya from Germany include illegal drugs, counterfeit currency, pornographic material, gambling devices, explosives, firearms, hazardous chemicals, biological substances, and obscene materials. Adhere to Kenyan customs regulations: provide accurate documentation, declare restricted items, choose reputable carriers, consult with customs, and consider professional assistance for a seamless shipping experience.

How long does it take to send a package to Kenya from Germany?

On average, parcel delivery to Kenya takes to 7 business days, with Arab Africa Cargo. Shipping duration from Germany to Kenya is influenced by factors such as customs processing, transportation mode, distance, and carrier efficiency. Expertly navigating these factors ensures timely and efficient international shipments.

Does Amazon ship to Kenya?

Some Amazon vendors may have restrictions on shipping certain items to Kenya. Arab Africa Cargo can help navigate and facilitate the shipping process, addressing any vendor restrictions. Simply use our German address to send your package and have it forwarded to Kenya.

How can I ship from Amazon to Kenya with Arab Africa Cargo?

Ship from to Kenya hassle-free with Arab Africa Cargo. Utilize our Germany depot address for sending your Amazon packages. We will forward your package to Kenya. Benefit from our expertise to avoid customs charges. We can also shop on your behalf, just email your purchase links to us at [email protected]

How long does shipping by sea take, from Germany to Kenya?

It typically takes 6 to 8 weeks to ship by sea from our Germany depot to Kenya. Although longer than air freight, sea shipping is more economical and environmentally friendly. Consider sea shipping with Arab Africa Cargo for larger shipments where a longer transit time is acceptable, and your priority is cost-efficiency over speed compared to air freight.

What is the cheapest way to ship to Kenya?

Air shipping from Germany to Kenya is the cheaper, more efficient option for smaller cargo loads. Costs vary based on factors like weight and volume – which are determined by cargo dimensions. While air freight is pricier per kilogram compared to sea transport, its speed and reliability make it ideal for time-sensitive or smaller shipments.

Our Customers think we are the best!

I ship my commercial cargo by air freight from the UK to Kenya weekly. I have been using them for over 5 years and I highly recommend them.
cargo to Kenya
My Cargo to Kenya from London UK was collected and delivered in less the 5 days. Love these guys and girls. They are my number 1 shipping company to Kenya.
UK To Nairobi
I was ordering for the first time from Amazon when I used Arab Air Cargo’s services. Shipping from any online store has never been simpler. I highly recommend them. Oh, and their customer support, is exceptional!
Amazon To Kenya

Arab Africa Cargo has assisted numerous clients in shipping from Germany and Europe to Kenya. We have handled personal items, extra baggage, online purchases, and business cargo through our convenient door-to-door shipping service. Let us handle the logistics, saving you time and money with our seamless delivery network to Kenya from Germany.

Ready to ship from Germany?

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