Shipping To Kenya From the Netherlands

Experience All-Inclusive Shipping To Kenya from the Netherlands by Arab Africa Cargo Embark on a seamless journey of shipping to Kenya from the Netherlands with Arab Africa Cargo’s all-inclusive services. Whether you’re an individual sending personal items or a business with commercial cargo, Arab Africa Cargo extends a comprehensive suite of services catering to diverse…

Shipping To Kenya From The Netherlands

Experience All-Inclusive Shipping To Kenya from the Netherlands by Arab Africa Cargo

Embark on a seamless journey of shipping to Kenya from the Netherlands with Arab Africa Cargo’s all-inclusive services. Whether you’re an individual sending personal items or a business with commercial cargo, Arab Africa Cargo extends a comprehensive suite of services catering to diverse shipping needs.

One of the hallmarks of our service is the provision of door-to-door shipping, a convenience that streamlines the entire shipping process. With Arab Africa Cargo, shipping to Kenya from the Netherlands with our weekly airport-to-airport service has never been easier!

Ship to Kenya from the Netherlands and learn how to shop online and ship from the Netherlands to Kenya in just 3 easy steps. Follow this guide on safe packaging to ensure your package safely arrives.

Our all-inclusive services cover a spectrum of commercial shipments, ensuring that goods of varying sizes, types, and quantities are handled with precision. Whether it’s electronics, machinery, textiles, or any other commercial items, their tailored approach ensures the safe and timely delivery of your cargo, promising hassle-free shipping to Kenya from the Netherlands.

Wondering what you can ship with us from the Netherlands to Kenya?

Arab Africa Cargo takes pride in providing exceptional customer service and shipping to Kenya from the Netherlands for students, personal cargo, Excess Baggage, Online Shopping and even Commercial Cargo.

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Online Shopping
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Shipping Commercial Cargo To Kenya From The Netherlands

Arab Africa Cargo excels in commercial cargo shipping by meticulously tailoring solutions to individual business needs. Through thorough consultations, we assess cargo specifics, considering size, type, and delivery urgency. Utilizing our expertise, we craft customized shipping plans, selecting the most suitable transit methods and routes.

Our approach extends to documentation, where they ensure compliance with Netherlands-Kenya regulations, minimizing delays. Throughout the process, constant communication keeps businesses informed, providing transparency and flexibility to adjust plans as needed. This attention to detail and adaptability ensures that each shipment receives specialized care, optimizing the journey from the Netherlands to Kenya.

Source from your suppliers and send your commercial cargo to our depot in Germany using our Germany delivery address for forwarding to Kenya from the Netherlands.

Our All Inclusive Shipping Service


  • Clear Custom Clearance Coverage: Arab Africa Cargo manages all custom clearance expenses, ensuring a transparent process without unexpected costs for a smooth shipping experience.
  • Door-to-Door Air Freight Services: Experience the convenience of Arab Africa Cargo’s door-to-door air freight services, guaranteeing a seamless shipping journey from the Netherlands to Kenya right to your doorstep.
  • Air freight deliveries weekly within a span of 7 to 8 business days: Benefit from our prompt weekly air freight solutions, ensuring your packages arrive in Kenya within 7 to 8 business days.
  • Punctuality and Dependability: Arab Africa Cargo focuses on timely delivery, allowing you and your businesses to honour schedules and obligations.
  • Customer Support: Our company’s commitment to customer satisfaction extends to dedicated support throughout the shipping process. Businesses benefit from responsive customer service, resolving queries and providing updates promptly.
  • Efficient Sea Freight to the Netherlands: With Arab Africa Cargo, our monthly sea freight service ensures you experience cost-effective shipping solutions for your business needs.

Package Expertly; Follow this simple guide to ensure the safe transit of your package.

Secure your package from the Netherlands by following our expert guide and ensure your package is undamaged when it arrives at your doorstep in Kenya.

opened carton boxes and stacked books placed

Opt for sturdy, corrugated boxes of adequate size to accommodate your items without excess space. Reinforce seams with quality packaging tape for added durability.

Wrap Items Individually

Wrap each item separately with bubble wrap or packing paper. Provide extra layers for delicate or breakable items, ensuring they are well-protected against potential impact.

Packing with craft paper

Fill any void spaces within the box with packing peanuts, air cushions, or crumpled paper. This prevents items from shifting during transit, reducing the risk of damage.

Seal Box Securely

Seal all seams of the box with strong packaging tape, ensuring no openings for potential damage.

Economical Sea Freight to Kenya from the Netherlands: Affordable Shipping Solutions by Arab Africa Cargo!

Utilizing Arab Africa Cargo’s sea freight services for commercial cargo shipping from the Netherlands to Kenya promises customized options, dependable transit, and a smooth shipping process, ensuring the safe and punctual delivery of goods. With our sea freight service, our cost-effective solutions are the key benefit.

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Monthly Sea Freight Services:

Take advantage of our consistent monthly sea freight service, ensuring a reliable timetable for your shipments originating from the Netherlands to Kenya. Expect your package to reach your residence or business in Kenya within 6-8 weeks, delivered straight to your doorstep in your home or business.

An Economical alternative:

Arab Africa Cargo offers budget-friendly sea freight services, ensuring cost efficiency without compromising on reliability.

Less than Container Load (LCL) Options:

Our Less than Container Load (LCL) services offer a budget-friendly option for businesses with smaller shipments, enabling payment solely for the utilized cargo space.



Please send to our Germany depot:

  • Have your commercial Cargo, Personal goods or Left Luggage sent to our Germany Depot at this address.




Your goods are processed at our Germany Depot:

  • Your package is received and processed for onward shipping to Kenya. Our weekly air shipment to Kenya takes up to 7 days from Germany. We provide 24/7 support and real-time tracking to give you peace of mind and ensure the timely delivery of your shipment.


Your goods are ready for collection:

  • Once your goods arrive at our local Nairobi and Mombasa depot, we can deliver them right to your doorstep. Take advantage of our door-to-door service and enjoy convenience at its best!


While online shopping provides lightning-fast shipping inside Europe, getting items to Kenya may be problematic. Many vendors do not allow international shipping, so you may find that some of the items you want are not authorised to be shipped to Kenya. Enter Arab Africa Cargo!

Whether you want to purchase items from Amazon, eBay, John Lewis, Shein or any other Europe-based online store, we’ve got you covered. With our hassle-free shipping service, you can now shop from anywhere and have your purchases delivered to our Germany depot. Your purchase will reach you straight to your door in Kenya.




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Shop from any online store in the Netherlands and use our German address as your Delivery Address.



Not able to complete the purchase because you don’t have a bank card? Just forward us the links to the products you want to [email protected] and we will send a quote.

Arab Africa Cargo - Shipping to Africa & the Middle East


Your online purchases reach our local delivery location in Germany and are then forwarded to Kenya. In less than 7 days, your package will reach our Nairobi or Mombasa collection centres.

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Once your goods are ready for collection our Nairobi or Mombasa team will contact you to advise.

Your invoice is sent to you via email. All Payment methods are available on your shipping invoice. 

You can take advantage of our door-to-door service and get your package right to your doorstep.


  1. What items are prohibited from shipping to Kenya?

    Prohibited items for shipping to Kenya from the Netherlands include illegal drugs, counterfeit currency, pornographic material, gambling devices, explosives, firearms, hazardous chemicals, biological substances, and obscene materials. Adhere to Kenyan customs regulations: provide accurate documentation, declare restricted items, choose reputable carriers, consult with customs, and consider professional assistance for a seamless shipping experience.

  2. How long does it take to send a package to Kenya from the Netherlands?

    On average, parcel delivery to Kenya just takes up to 8 business days, with Arab Africa Cargo. Shipping duration from Europe to Kenya is influenced by factors such as customs processing, transportation mode, distance, and carrier efficiency. Expertly navigating these factors ensures timely and efficient international shipments.

  3. Does Amazon ship to Kenya?

    Some Amazon vendors may have restrictions on shipping certain items to Kenya. Arab Africa Cargo can help navigate and facilitate the shipping process, addressing any vendor restrictions. Simply use our Germany address to send your package from the Netherlands and have it forwarded to Kenya.

  4. How can I ship from Amazon to Kenya with Arab Africa Cargo?

    Ship from to Kenya hassle-free with Arab Africa Cargo. Utilize our Germany depot address for sending your Amazon packages. We will forward your package to Kenya. Benefit from our expertise to avoid customs charges. We can also shop on your behalf, just email your purchase links to us at [email protected]

  5. How long does shipping by sea take, from Europe to Kenya?

    It typically takes 6 to 8 weeks to ship by sea from our Germany depot to Kenya. Although longer than air freight, sea shipping is more economical and environmentally friendly. Consider sea shipping with Arab Africa Cargo for larger shipments where a longer transit time is acceptable, and your priority is cost-efficiency over speed compared to air freight.

  6. What is the cheapest way to ship to Kenya?

    Air shipping from the Netherlands to Kenya is the cheaper, more efficient option for smaller cargo loads. Costs vary based on factors like weight and volume – which are determined by cargo dimensions. While air freight is pricier per kilogram compared to sea transport, its speed and reliability make it ideal for time-sensitive or smaller shipments.

Our Customers think we are the best!

I ship my commercial cargo by air freight from the UK to Kenya weekly. I have been using them for over 5 years and I highly recommend them.
cargo to Kenya
My Cargo to Kenya from London UK was collected and delivered in less the 5 days. Love these guys and girls. They are my number 1 shipping company to Kenya.
UK To Nairobi
I was ordering for the first time from Amazon when I used Arab Air Cargo’s services. Shipping from any online store has never been simpler. I highly recommend them. Oh, and their customer support, is exceptional!
Amazon To Kenya

Arab Africa Cargo has helped thousands of customers ship to Kenya from Europe by eliminating the burden of transporting their personal belongings, excess baggage, online shopping, and even business cargo with our Door To door-to-door shipping to Kenya. So sit back and enjoy as we SAVE YOU TIME AND MONEY with our network of door-to-door delivery to Kenya from the EU.

Ready to Ship from Europe? Explore Arab Africa Cargo shipping services now!

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