Shipping To Kenya From The USA

Shipping to Kenya From The USA? Make It a Breeze with Arab Africa Cargo! Shipping a range of affordable USA goods to Kenya is as simple as ABC. However, most Kenyan consumers, businesses and suppliers of goods from the USA still find it challenging to ship from the US, as evidenced by numerous shipping scams….

Shipping To Kenya From The USA

Shipping to Kenya From The USA? Make It a Breeze with Arab Africa Cargo!

Shipping a range of affordable USA goods to Kenya is as simple as ABC. However, most Kenyan consumers, businesses and suppliers of goods from the USA still find it challenging to ship from the US, as evidenced by numerous shipping scams.

How do you ship to Kenya from the USA? How do you do it affordably? How do you get your coveted purchase that is ” unavailable in your location” to get shipped to Kenya? And the big question, “How do I clear customs for my package?” We have got all the answers!

Arab Africa Cargo is your top logistics choice for all these solutions. From sought-after items to a variety of American products, count on our secure, timely deliveries at competitive rates. Join us for effortless shipping today!

In this specialized article, we’ll guide you through the intricacies of shipping to Kenya from the USA, uncovering essential strategies for a successful shipping experience.

Discover the straightforward 3-step process for shipping to Kenya from the USA. Shopping from US online stores and effortlessly shipping to Kenya? Discover how it’s done! See how to package your items before shipping safely.

What can you ship to Kenya from the USA?

Arab Africa Cargo’s Expert Services:

Benefit from our unparalleled expertise in shipping services from the USA to Kenya. Whether it’s for students, personal items, excess baggage, online shopping, or commercial cargo, trust Arab Africa Cargo for flawless deliveries tailored specifically to your needs.

Man in Blue and Black Jacket Standing Beside Brown Cardboard Box
Online Shopping
excess baggage to middle east

Now that you’re acquainted with our services, learn what you CANNOT ship to Kenya from the USA.

Like any other state, Kenya has a list of items that are not allowed into Kenyan borders. KRA sets provisions for prohibited imports (and exports).

Which items are prohibited for import?

Read about banned and restricted items for import to Kenya in KRA’s coverage of everything Kenyan customs. Chances are, you did not know some of these items cannot be brought into the state. For instance, did you know that used tyres for light commercial vehicles and passenger cars are prohibited items?

Overview of restricted items as seen on KRA’s latest Passenger Travellers’
Info Pack

Expert Tips on Packaging for International Shipping

When shipping items from the USA to Kenya, secure packaging is the key to a successful and secure transit. As experts in the field, let us guide you to ensure your items reach Kenya in pristine condition.

Your items deserve the best protection, and a carefully packaged shipment ensures they arrive at their destination intact and unscathed.

opened carton boxes and stacked books placed
Wrap Items Individually

Wrap each item on its own using either bubble wrap or packing paper. For delicate or breakable items, add extra layers to ensure thorough protection against potential impacts.

Packing with craft paper

Fill any gaps in the box using packing peanuts, air pillows, or crumpled paper. This stops items from moving during transit, reducing the risk of damage.

Seal Box Securely

Securely seal all edges of the box using sturdy packaging tape to eliminate any openings that could cause potential harm. Always label boxes containing fragile items.

Air Freight: Our Weekly Airpot To Airport Service

Our Airport – Airport weekly service offers seamless shipping from the USA to Kenya, using efficient air transportation at the best rates.

Air Cargo from the USA to Kenya is from as little as $15.99 per Kg and a $0 handling charge.

Be it commercial cargo, personal items, excess luggage or time-sensitive deliveries, our expertise in air freight logistics ensures reliable and timely shipments, connecting the USA to your destination in Kenya.

Airport-to airport from the USA to Kenya

Delivery To Your Doorstep

Elevate your shipping experience from the USA to any corner of Kenya effortlessly. Let your goods journey smoothly from the USA to your doorstep, whether in your home or business. Wherever you are in Kenya, count on us for a smooth, dependable shipping process. Enjoy convenience like never before!

Sea Shipping To Kenya from the USA

Sea Shipping

Our service provides cost-effective options including Less than Container Load (LCL) shipments for smaller loads. Utilize sea shipping for bulkier goods, benefitting from our monthly sea freight services tailored to efficiently transport larger items from the USA to Kenya.

Air versus Sea Shipping to Kenya from the USA

Air vs Sea shipping to Kenya From The USA

The great shipping debate!

Here’s the scoop:

  1. Speedy Air vs. Patient Sea:
    • Air Shipping: Deliveries to Kenya in about 8 days, perfect for urgent deliveries.
    • Sea Shipping: Takes its time, 6 to 8 weeks, but hey, good things come to those who wait! You don’t want to break the bank for bulky cargo shipping.
  2. Value Matters:
    • Air Shipping: Ideal for high-value items, expedited delivery, and smaller loads.
    • Sea Shipping: Cost-effective for bulkier goods or larger shipments where time isn’t of the essence.
  3. Cost Comparison:
    • Air Shipping: Quick, but often pricier per unit weight or volume.
    • Sea Shipping: Slower, but often a cost-efficient choice for larger volumes or less time-sensitive items.

So, choose wisely! Is your cargo valuable and you need it quickly? Air it is! Do you have time and volume on your side? Sea’s the way to go!


At Arab Africa Cargo, we’re more than a shipping service; we’re your strategic partner in seamless logistics. Our all-inclusive services guarantee efficient, secure deliveries from the USA to Kenya. Trust us for tailored solutions, ensuring your cargo’s safe and timely journey every step of the way.

Eliminate concerns about customs clearance with us today!

Smooth Logistics Handling.

Efficient logistics management with no customs charges, ensuring a streamlined shipping process.

Our expert team handles the complexities, ensuring a hassle-free experience from the USA to Kenya.

Reliability at its Core.

Trust Arab Africa Cargo for on-time, secure deliveries.

Our commitment to reliability is unwavering, providing you with the confidence that your cargo is in capable hands.

Cost-Effective Solutions.

Benefit from cost-effective shipping options for your Commercial Cargo and Online Shopping.

Explore our “Shop and Ship Service ” and see how Arab Africa Cargo optimizes routes and strategies, ensuring you get the most value for your shipping.

Ship from the USA to Kenya with Arab Africa Cargo in just three easy steps.



Sending your cargo to our USA depot:

  • Have your commercial Cargo, Personal goods or Left Luggage sent to our USA Depot at this address. Ordering from a supplier in the USA? Simply have them send your commercial cargo here.


Full Name + AAC KE
Street Address: 17401 Nichols LN Unit J
City: Huntington Beach
State: California (CA)
Zip Code: 92647


Your goods are processed at our USA Depot:

  • Your package is received and processed for onward shipping to Kenya. Our weekly air shipment to Kenya takes up to 8 business days from the USA. We provide 24/7 support and real-time tracking to give you peace of mind and ensure the timely delivery of your shipment.


Your goods are ready for collection:

  • After your items reach our Nairobi and Mombasa depots, we ensure doorstep delivery, offering unparalleled convenience through our door-to-door service. Rest assured, our customer support will be in touch to assist you every step of the way!


Are your online purchases unavailable to ship to your address in Kenya?

Have you clicked ‘Check Out’ on an online shopping site and seen the exorbitant shipping price?

We are here to help.

While the USA offers swift shipping for online purchases domestically, sending items to Kenya can often pose challenges due to restricted international shipping policies by many vendors. However, with Arab Africa Cargo, accessing items from various US-based online retailers becomes seamless.

Shop from Amazon, Costco, Target, Shein, and more hassle-free! Our service ensures seamless delivery from any US store to our depot. Even restricted items can effortlessly reach your Kenyan doorstep via our USA shipping address. Contact us to get your free customized US shipping address.




a man in white long sleeves holding 683x1024 1


Shop from Amazon or any Online US-based store and use our US address as your Delivery Address.


Full Name + AAC KE
Street Address: 17401 Nichols LN Unit J
City: Huntington Beach
State: California (CA)
Zip Code: 92647

Not able to complete the purchase because you don’t have a bank card? Just forward us the links to the products you want to [email protected] and we will send a quote.

Arab Africa Cargo - Shipping to Africa & the Middle East


Your online purchases reach our local delivery location in the US and are then forwarded to Kenya. In just less than 8 days, your package will reach our Nairobi or Mombasa collection centres.


person handing over packages 1024x577 1

Once your goods are ready for collection our Nairobi or Mombasa team will contact you to advise.

Your invoice is sent to you via email. All Payment methods are available on your shipping invoice. 

You can take advantage of our door-to-door service and get your package right to your doorstep.


What items are prohibited from shipping to Kenya?

Prohibited items for shipping to Kenya from the USA include illegal drugs, counterfeit currency, pornographic material, gambling devices, explosives, firearms, hazardous chemicals, biological substances, and obscene materials. Adhere to Kenyan customs regulations: provide accurate documentation, declare restricted items, choose reputable carriers, consult with customs, and consider professional assistance for a seamless shipping experience.

How long does it take to send a package to Kenya from the USA?

On average, air parcel delivery to Kenya takes up to 8 business days, with Arab Africa Cargo. Shipping duration from the USA to Kenya is influenced by factors such as customs processing, transportation mode, distance, and carrier efficiency. Expertly navigating these factors ensures timely and efficient international shipments.

Does Amazon ship to Kenya?

Some Amazon vendors may have restrictions on shipping certain items to Kenya. Arab Africa Cargo can help navigate and facilitate the shipping process, addressing any vendor restrictions. Simply use our USA address to send your package and we will forward it to Kenya.

How can I ship from Amazon to Kenya with Arab Africa Cargo?

Ship from Amazon to Kenya hassle-free with Arab Africa Cargo. Utilize our US depot address for sending your Amazon packages. We will forward your package to Kenya. Benefit from our expertise to avoid customs charges. We can also shop on your behalf, just email your purchase links to us at [email protected]

How long does shipping by sea take, from the USA to Kenya?

It typically takes 6 to 8 weeks to ship by sea from our US depot to Kenya. Although longer than air freight, sea shipping is more economical and environmentally friendly. Consider sea shipping with Arab Africa Cargo for larger shipments where a longer transit time is acceptable, and your priority is cost-efficiency over speed compared to air freight.

What is the cheapest way to ship to Kenya?

Air shipping to Kenya from the USA is the cheaper, more efficient option for smaller cargo loads. Costs vary based on factors like weight and volume – which are determined by cargo dimensions. While air freight is pricier per kilogram compared to sea transport, its speed and reliability make it ideal for time-sensitive or smaller shipments.

Our Customers think we are the best!

I ship my commercial cargo by air freight from the UK to Kenya weekly. I have been using them for over 5 years and I highly recommend them.
cargo to Kenya
My Cargo to Kenya from London UK was collected and delivered in less the 5 days. Love these guys and girls. They are my number 1 shipping company to Kenya.
UK To Nairobi
I was ordering for the first time from Amazon when I used Arab Air Cargo’s services. Shipping from any online store has never been simpler. I highly recommend them. Oh, and their customer support, is exceptional!
Amazon To Kenya

Count on Arab Africa Cargo for seamless shipping from the USA to Kenya. Let us handle your items, excess baggage, online purchases, and business cargo, ensuring efficient door-to-door delivery while saving you time and costs. Ready to ship? Explore our services today and experience hassle-free delivery!

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